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Natural and holy pooja products are extremely rare in the current world of synthetic products. Are you looking for pooja powders that take you to the aroma of the temples even if you are in your pooja room? Then you need to look no further than our Kayal Pooja products. We offer you authentic and aromatic pooja powders that serve your spiritual needs.

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A steaming bowl of rice along with Sambar and Poriyal is never complete without a crispy, crunchy mouth-watering Papad. Salty and satisfying Papads are universally loved by all ages and people from all states in India. That is why Kayal Foods brings you the most popular meal accompaniment, the Kayal Papad. No matter what you call it, whether it is Appalam, Papadum, Papadom, or Hapala, Paapad is the big star of the meal, which you are likely to crave for more.

Kumkumam Powder

The sacred and beautiful red dot, Kumkumam on the forehead is a holy statement that speaks a lot about religion and beliefs. It is also known as Sindoor. It is believed widely that it absorbs energy and vibrations from inside of the temple or pooja room and releases it to the human body. Kayal Kumkum Powder is 100% natural made from the purest authentic ingredients. Not only Kumkumam is auspicious, but also has some properties that benefit our well being.

Kayal Kumkumam is made from unadulterated traditional ingredients such as Taazhampoo, Turmeric(Manjal) and lime. Kumkum Powder is also used for Abhishekam and is the main component of Prasadam offerings. The turmeric in the Kumkum powder offers a variety of medicinal benefits that range from antiseptic, antifungal properties. Kayal KumKum powder is completely skin-friendly and devoid of any harmful chemicals.
Buy Kayal Kumkum powder and let your house be filled with “Aishwaryam”.

Vibhuthi Powder

Vibuthi, also known as Thiruneeru is the sacred ash that is applied on the forehead as well as some other parts of the body to feel the divine presence and to repel the devil. Kayal Vibuthi powder is prepared from the ashes of dried wood. Kayal Vibhuthi powder is free from any skin irritants or chemicals and is completely skin-friendly.

There are three places on a person’s body that one can apply Vibhuthi. They are as follows, the part on the forehead between the eyebrows is called ‘Agna chakra’, the pit of the throat which is called ‘Visuddhi chakra’ and the centre of the chest known as ‘Anahata chakra’. One can experience a divine feel when he/she wears Vibhuthi and is full of positive vibes throughout the day.

Turmeric Powder

The first and foremost among the pooja products is the Turmeric powder. Turmeric powder is believed to be present in every beginning as an auspicious element. Kayal Turmeric powder is a very holy product made from dry turmeric bulbs. The turmeric bulbs are cleaned, dried and powdered to make the aromatic Kayal Turmeric powder used for various religious ceremonies.

Kayal Turmeric powder is very versatile because it is also used as a skincare product. Moreover, it has medicinal benefits too. It is used to treat chest colds, skin rashes and other skin diseases. A pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk is a great remedy for children’s cough. Turmeric powder has anti-bacterial properties, therefore it is ideal as a bathing powder. Turmeric powder slows down the growth of facial hair when used repeatedly.

Kayal turmeric powder doesn’t cause any side effects as it is manufactured from pure turmeric bulbs and has no artificial ingredients.

Sandal Powder

Sandalwood, the name itself suggests a beautiful woody aroma. Kayal offers you the most luxurious powder as rich as mother nature herself, Kayal Sandal powder. Kayal sandalwood powder is made from pure sandalwood in a very natural way.

Sandal powder is an essential item in most religious rituals in Hinduism. Sandalwood powder is mixed with rose water and made into a paste and applied as a thin streak on the forehead as a symbol of piety.

Sandalwood has a centuries-long healing tradition. Kayal Sandal powder has innumerable benefits in terms of skincare as well as well being. It soothes and gives relief against skin inflammation or rashes. It has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties which are
invaluable for the skin.