Ready Mix Batters


Are you hard-pressed for time?

Managing children’s school routine and household chores can be a real struggle. Don’t worry if you are one such time-crunched person. We are here to help you whip up some good and delicious home-cooked dishes in a moment. From Kayal Foods, we bring you some of the most loved Breakfast dishes in ready mix batter form. They are easy to cook as well as healthy to eat. All our Ready mix batters are made of high-grade ingredients in a very natural way of preparation without artificial colours or flavours.

No more long hours in the kitchen. We have saved your time by preparing the choicest flours with great quality ingredients to bring the best fresh food to your table.

So, if you are running late for a meeting or back home after a long hard day, you don’t have to order food from the restaurant and spend more on your meals. Try our range of exquisite ready mix batters that will remind you of your childhood days eating traditional South Indian food.

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A steaming bowl of rice along with Sambar and Poriyal is never complete without a crispy, crunchy mouth-watering Papad. Salty and satisfying Papads are universally loved by all ages and people from all states in India. That is why Kayal Foods brings you the most popular meal accompaniment, the Kayal Papad. No matter what you call it, whether it is Appalam, Papadum, Papadom, or Hapala, Paapad is the big star of the meal, which you are likely to crave for more.

Idli Mix

The most nutritious traditional breakfast, steamed with love is Idli. Who doesn’t love those spongy, white, fluffy idlis packed with the necessary protein for the day? No other combo can beat the Idli sambar and chutney combination.

With lots of love and care, Kayal Foods bring you this Ready Mix Idli batter to satisfy your quick breakfast needs. The major ingredients include Rice flour and whole Urid dal in the right proportions. The recipe has no added artificial flavour or whitener. The recipe is tried and tested several times to give the perfect idlis every time. The idlis made from Kayal Idli Batter tastes just like the fermented ones, while the taste and health factors are not compromised.

Soft fluffy Idlis made from Kayal Ready Mix batter taste great with Idli Podi mixed with Kayal Gingelly Oil. It is a gastronomic delight for the elderly and children alike. Scoop a little Kayal Ghee and top it on the idlis to have a tasty and wholesome breakfast.

Rava Dosa Mix

Rava Dosa is a crispy crepe made from Rava also known as Sooji or Semolina. It is a very popular instant breakfast or dinner fix for sudden occasions in most of our homes. Getting the right texture for the Rava Dosa can be a little tricky, but with Kayal Rava Dosa Mix it can never go wrong. Make the right crispy Rava Dosa every time with Kayal Ready Mix Rava Dosa.

The chief and choicest ingredients include broken rice, Sooji(Rava), Chana Dal, Urid Dal, Wheat, Pepper, Cumin, Green Chillies, Curry Leaves.  We have added all the ingredients in the exact ratio so that you just have to open the pack, mix it with the right amount of water and start cooking yummy dosas on the griddle.

Coconut chutney or any other type of chutney would go well with Rava Dosas. Rava Dosa is so delicious that it can be eaten as it is.

Kaara Adai Dosa Mix

Kaara adai is a spicy dosa also popularly known as Urappu Adai in some households. It is a special blend of a variety of dals and rice to provide the necessary protein and iron to the body. Kayal Kaara Adai Mix increases the nutritional value of Adai with its special ingredients such as White Peas, Urid Dal, Toor dal, Moong Dal(Green gram), Rice etc. The lentils and millets of this recipe is a great source of energy and health.

Be it breakfast or dinner, Kaara Adai is a filling dish for all ages. Kaara Adai goes well with Aviyal, Chutney and Butter. Either ghee or coconut oil can be used to drizzle this crispy savoury delight. Kayal Kaara Adai Dosa tastes best with Kayal Coconut oil or Kayal Sesame oil. Try our ready mix batter and give a treat to your family members and guests.

Bajji Bonda Mix

Bring home the magical ready mix that can make the superstar street foods of South India. Bajji and Bonda are wonderful evening snacks. Kayal Bajji Bonda ready mix is one of ourunique recipes which can make anyone a master of this yummy street food.

The main ingredients of Kayal Bajji Bonda Mix are Besan(Gram Flour), Rice Flour, Maida, Chilly Powder. The strong flavour some aroma of the mix itself is an appetizer.

There is a variety of Bajjis one can make from KayalBajji Bonda Mix like Plantain Bajji, Onion Bajji, Potato Bajji, Ooty Chilly Bajji etc. Veg Bonda, Cabbage Bonda, Mysore Bonda, Sweet Bonda, Onion Bonda are tasty treats one can cook from Kayal Bajji Bonda Mix.

A plate of hot Bajji or Bonda served with Chutney or ketchup is the most magical snack of the day. So why wait? Is it raining outside? Go grab Kayal Bajji Bonda Mix and begin the happy hours of your home.

Multigrain Dosa Mix

Are you bored of plain dosas and idlis? Why not try a super healthy alternative to the usual breakfast dishes with a dash of traditional elements?

Kayal Foods launches the extraordinary Multigrain Dosa Ready-mix. In just no time you will be able to make a flowing batter with highly nutritious ingredients like Kodomillet(Varagu), Foxtail millet(Thinai), Corn(Cholam), Sago(Javvarisi), Urad dal, Rice, Cumin, Sooji(Rava), Methi, Chilly etc.

The millets, lentils and rice are formulated in accurate proportions to make perfect multigrain dosas every time. The highly power-packed wholesome ready mix doesn’t need to be fermented. Delicious dosas right on your plate in a jiffy. Be it breakfast or brunch or dinner, these Kayal Multi-grain dosas are clear winners.

This Dosa tastes best with Coconut Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Green Chutney or simply Idli Podi tempered with Kayal Coconut Oil or Kayal Sesame Oil. Add a spoonful of healthy Kayal Ghee on top of the dosa to experience a pure gastronomic delight.

Pesarattu Dosa Mix

Start your day with a lightly spiced, easy-to-make, Green gram Dosa (Moong Dal Dosa) which is widely known as Pesarattu. The origin of these tasty Crepes is Andhra Pradesh. The amazing flavour of green gram and rice is enclosed in our Kayal Pesarattu Mix pack.

No more long process of soaking and grinding of the Moong beans(Green gram dal) and rice to make yummy Pesarattu Dosas. Just add the right amount of water and make perfect nutritious crispy Pesarattus with Kayal Pesarattu Mix. Pesarattu Dosa is ideal for children because of the light spiciness and healthy immunity boosting formula.

Try this Kayal’s signature breakfast dish from the Andhra Cuisine and enjoy the healthy version of Dosa. Pesarattu Dosas made from Kayal Pesarattu ready mix can be eaten as they are or as accompaniments, try coconut chutney, Chilly chutney, Onion Chutney or Podi tempered with Kayal Coconut oil.